Optichick 3.0™
Maximize fertility - Optimize hatchability

OptiChick 3.0™ is a unique combination of different components that have proven to boost the fertility, productivity and hatchability of poultry breeder flocks. This synergetic combination of a vitamin metabolite and a nature identical carotenoid enables the breeders to produce a significant higher amount of viable chicks. OptiChick 3.0™can be fed to both male and female parents/breeders. For the roosters, it will have positive effects on the semen quality and rooster longevity. The breeder hens are favoured by a higher laying rate, a lower mortality and a better shell quality. Finally, this results in a higher number of hatching chicks. The beige-whitish, fine powder material is free flowing and heat stable during the manufacturing of premixes or complete diets. Because of its high concentration, it is only needed in a relative low inclusion rate.