PL – 68

INTRACO PL-68® is a dried killed, non-GMO bacterial biomass by-product of the Monosodium L-Glutamic acid (MSG) production by means of microbial fermentation of vegetal raw materials from crop origin (such as sugar beet/cane molasses and/or wheat derived glucose syrups of European origin). It has a nice brownish colour and is furthermore physically characterized by a coarse powdery texture for enabling an optimal feed intake and good development of young (e.g. broilers and rearing chicks) digestive systems. Its appearance as well as its characteristic pleasant odour make it all very similar to common fish meals, but moreover it contains some extra price-nutritional advantages as well.

INTRACO PL-68® is not a ground breaking new feed additive. It is a cost-saving, quality feed raw material being rich in vegetal protein and more importantly in several of essential amino acids at the same time. These amino acids are highly valued for their "limiting role" in most husbandry animal species. The prominent protein content (ranging between the minimum guaranty of 68% and up to max. 72%) is good digestible and therefore INTRACO PL-68® can be seen as a promising cost-effective complement to common protein-rich sources (such as fishmeal, meat bone meal, soybean meal, rapeseed meal, sun flower meal, potato protein, etc.), and this without negative effects on animal performance.