Arevin Fine Chemicals procures the world class concentrates from the best in the Industry. All the feed Concentrates are originated from European market. We approach the masters in the poultry feed formulations who knows the exact role of the nutrients and farmer needs. Poultry nutrition is more than just giving any available feed to your birds. The Birds require proper nutrition to grow and give optimum output. Breeding poultry require correct nutrition to reproduce. Laying flocks require correct nutrition to be productive. Poultry require the correct balance of five classes of nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats and oils, vitamins, minerals, and water) for optimum growth, maintenance, finishing, work, reproduction, and production. All foods that sustain life contain nutrients. Nutrients can be either dietary essential or non - dietary essential. Poultry feeds must supply the dietary essential nutrients because the body cannot produce them on its own. The body can synthesize the non - dietary essential nutrients for growth and maintenance.

Note: The poultry producer must know the nutritional requirements of the bird's function; either egg production or meat production. After determining the nutritional requirements, the poultry producer should look into the availability and cost of appropriate feeds tuffs. It is also critical that the producer must consult the nutritionist to know the limitations associated with each ingredient. Some ingredients may have anti-nutritional properties which limit their usage in poultry diets.