Gut Balance Booster™
Immunostimulant - Antimicrobial

Gut Balance Booster™ is a synergetic combination of different ingredients that improve the gut health of the animals by balancing the gut microflora. It can be used as an alternative for the antibiotic growth promotors to stabilise the gut microflora. This particular blend of additives works on different levels of the gut. It has a strong antibacterial effect by breaking the cell wall of harmful bacteria, and subsequently invading the bacteria cell to destroy it. Another benefit is that it supports the gut health by stimulating the growth of intestinal cell, which will allow the animal to have a better nutrient absorption. Gut Balance Booster™ is a grey, free-flowing powder for easy dosing and uniform mixing. The product can be used in broiler diets from beginning till end but specifically in the growing period 14-35 days.