Blend of world class quality Vitamins. These premixes are of European origin. The formulations are taken from the top nutrition consultants keeping the breeds and availability of nutrition for Poultry birds in Indian market. You can completely rely on these vitamin premixes for the expected results. Vitamins are organic compounds sensitive to a number of physical and chemical reactions that affect their potency. The chemical form of vitamins affects stability and resistance to oxidation. Hence, just combining all the vitamins will not make the Premixes. These Vitamin Premixes are produced from the superior companies those who has mastered the art of producing the finest quality Premixes. Simple formulations will not help in Premixes if the quality of the Vitamins and process are compromised.

Note: It would be better for the farmer to consult the nutritionist for nutrition formula for his birds. Because, a lot more factors need to be considered other than just minerals and vitamins.